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My Story

(In not so many words)

Many Counsellors would frown on Self-Disclosure, and whilst I don't plan on telling you my life's story, I do believe that it's necessary to be able to give you an understanding of who you are putting your trust into, and why I think that I can help you through your life challenges effectively. 

I grew up in a fairly poor family, we lived on a few a council estates and had moved around 10 or so times by the time I was 16, and I had experienced, either first hand, or witnessed, a lot of different forms of abuse.

I have a family that I have chosen to disconnect from because they were not a good match for me,

That doesn't mean I don't love them, but I chose to put myself first.

My Childhood experiences have left me with some scars, which I like to think adds character, but the long term effects of trauma to the nervous system has consequently resulted in developing Fibromyalgia,

an invisible Illness that I work through using Somatic body work.

I had my own family from a young age, 19 to be exact, and along the way I made mistakes based on my own upbringing and experience's that I suffered, and I knew that I didn't want history to repeat itself.

In the beginning I struggled financially, inheriting the trauma of my parents financial situation and yet I worked my butt of trying to provide for my young children, I ran a Martial arts and boxing gym for many many years, which is when I discovered I had a knack for attracting people of similar circumstance and the wounded child in me wanted to make them feel like they had a family they could count on, and that's what the gym became,

A Second Home - A Family.

You see, my life prior to qualifying was rather colourful, If you can think it, I have probably experienced it or witnessed it and that is why I believe in my ability to be able to support you, because one way or another I can relate, understand and fully empathise with you.

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