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Welcome to my website.

It's scary isn't it?

Just the thought of telling a complete stranger about your thoughts, feelings or life journey,

I remember feeling really nervous at my first counselling session, wondering what it was I was going to talk about or questioning, did I really need this? or was I just being soft!

Telling myself, I just need to get on with it and stop making a fuss!

And that whole thought process highlighted my main problem,

That I didn't think I was worth it!

I didn't understand the importance of validating my own thoughts and feelings.

Until I went for Counselling!

There are many obstacles in life that we need to overcome, and sometimes these situations can become overwhelming, cause anxiety and leave us feeling out of sorts, I am also aware that seeking this help is probably quite difficult and somewhat daunting and so I aim to make this experience as comfortable and as straightforward as possible for you by offering a safe, confidential environment where we can discuss you situation and needs and we can explore a range of methods using different skills and techniques to help you get the best therapeutic experience possible.

Seeing a counsellor should be as normal as seeing a Doctor or Dentist,

Just because the pain isn't visible, it doesn't mean its not there!

Maybe you are experiencing one or a few of the following challenges...


Job Crises?


Sexual Crises?

Body confidence issues?

Eating disorders?

Relationship issues?

Lack of direction and motivation?

Social anxiety?


Is this situation causing you feel...






Like self harming?



If you are experiencing any of these issues, or any issue that is similar....

I can probably Help.

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