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Quick Tips on Managing Stress.

Notice your triggers.

Then you could think about what to do to manage them better. Can you link your triggers to any past stressful events that may have laid the foundation for this stress response?

Sort out your worries.

Divide them into those that you can do something about (either now or soon) and those that you can't, notice how you respond to situations that you have no control over!

Get Organised.

Make a list of jobs - tackle one at time, and alternate dull tasks with interesting ones.

Be active.

Physical activity can help you feel calmer, stronger, and better able to deal with emotional stresses.

Take regular breaks.

If you feel things are getting on top of you, try taking a short stroll or having a hot drink.

List your achievements.

Include everyday tasks like cooking or shopping, you can read the list whenever you need a boost.

Talk it through.

Discussing your problems with someone else can give you new ideas for dealing with your problems.

Take Control.

Get started with one task you feel you can manage.

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