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Quick Tips on Sleep.

Create a Calm Space.

Make sure the light, temperature and sound suits you. Cool, dark and quiet usually works!

Turn off your Electronics and Devices.

Electrical screens stimulate your brain, making it harder to relax. So try to avoid watching TV, Scrolling on your phone or gaming, for at least 1 hour before bed time.

Keep an eye on your Diet.

Caffeine, alcohol and sugary foods can all disturb your sleep, Try to avoid eating too late in the evening.

Try some Exercise.

This can improve your sleep, as long as its not too late in the evening.

Try deep breathing.

In a comfortable position, breathe in deeply and try to make your out-breath longer than your in-breath.

Talk to your partner.

Snoring, preferred side of the bed and often common issues can often easily be resolved.

Plan your Day.

Try to do more relaxing tasks, later in the day, make to-do lists for the following day so that you can clear your mind of jobs outstanding before you go to bed!

Take a bath or drink Warm Milk.

Try a nice relaxing bath, maybe a little lavender oil, and /or a warm cup of Milk to help induce sleep.

Keep a sleep diary

This may help you to spot patterns in your everyday sleeping habits and give you an insight into what might be causing your problems, be details and even record cycles such as: for the ladies, your menstrual cycle, and for everyone, even the moon cycle!

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